Don't Forget to do Your Exercises

Published: Mar 11, 2009

We know you're hard at work making job searching your full-time job, but part of our job here at Pink Slipped is to let you know that there is more to do with your time than scour the internet and expand your network. Be sure to engage your other interests and take some time to get out and exercise. Even something as simple as going for a walk will keep your mind sharp, give you a needed break from job search stress, and physiologically promote happiness. Ultimately your job search will be aided by the many benefits of exercise, and between you and me, we both know that you have the time to get out there.  

It is perhaps in that spirit that NYC Social Sports Club is offering their "Pink Slip Special" (we dig the name) -- 25% off any $100 spring sport to anyone who has been laid off recently (email for details). With the days getting longer and the weather finally starting to warm up just a little bit, now is absolutely the time to sign up. Play sports, meet new people, socialize, keep the old brain kickin' -- what's not to like? It's a great offer on the part of NYC SSC that promises "much-needed, old-fashioned fun."

Old-fashioned, indeed. Even our founding fathers knew that it's just as important to make time for play as for work. Quoth the great Thomas Jefferson, "You are not however to consider yourself as unemployed while taking exercise. That is necessary for your health, and health is the first of all objects." Oh that Jefferson, ahead of his time as he was so often. Clearly the man understood the idea that a healthy mind can only exist alongside a healthy body. And as my fellow Wahoos will attest, Mr. Jefferson is always right, so drop whatever resume or cover letter you're working on right now and go work it out. Ready. Set. Go!

--Posted by Steven Schiff, Vault News & Commentary