Create your VisualCV and stand out from the resume pile

Published: Mar 19, 2009

If you haven’t created a  VisualCV yet, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with the next generation of resumes. Paper resumes are outdated and the traditional resume is growing increasingly out of touch as job seekers and employers alike turn to high-tech and Internet based models. VisualCV is the next step in the evolution to Resume 2.0, a free online resume that is customizable to include video, work samples, recommendations, links to your achievements and other elements that create the unique image of your professional life and personal brand. It’s really more a portfolio than a resume, and ultimately, a VisualCV will only enhance your job search by setting you apart from the crowd based on the things that make you special as an employee.

Don’t worry, your prior experience, achievements, education and other traditional resume info will still be prominently featured as the primary content of your VisualCV. The other elements appear on the right side of the screen to highlight specific things that show your value to potential employers, from graphs and artwork to videos and links. The combined effect is an individually tailored personal brand hub that lets employers see the many facets of you that a single sheet of resume stock emblazoned with nondescript lines of Times New Roman 11 point cannot illuminate.

Potential employers and networking contacts will be happy to be directed to your VisualCV – as much as you are probably sick of your old paper resume, hiring managers are likely even more tired of this archaic model. You can also link to your page from LinkedIn and other social networking pages to increase your visibility and sell your personal brand.

We say that now is the perfect time to get acquainted with VisualCV because the site is offering free webinars with tips and techniques on how to build your VisualCV and use it effectively. Sign up now to reserve a spot for the next webinar on April 14, or register and jump right into creating your VisualCV.

--Posted by Steven Schiff, Vault News & Commentary