Is the Class of 2016 Prepared for Reality?

Published: May 25, 2016

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For the past few years, the folks at Accenture have been conducting a survey that polls 2 groups of people: college seniors, on their expectations when entering the workforce; and members of the last 2 graduating classes, on what they've actually experienced out in the real world.

The results are usually illuminating, and this year's report is no different. As you can see from the infographic below, the realities of the working world tend not to measure up to the hopes that those entering it have.

For me, the most worrying stat there is that almost 40% of recent grads are making less than $25,000--a figure that is $10,000 lower than the average member of their class owed for their education at graduation.

Not uncoincidentally, more than half of the members of the last two graduating classes consider themselves underemployed relative to their education level. Proof that, while the unemployment level might be in a good place, openings for good jobs aren't exactly proliferating at present.

Check out the infographic for a few more higlights, or head on over to to check out the full report.

Accenture 2016 Career Reality Infographic



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