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A Day in the Life: Plaintiffs' Lawyer

Published: Mar 15, 2021

Topics: Day in the Life  

Thomas Duckworth
Otis Canli & Duckworth LLP

8:00 AM: Meet with other lawyers at the firm to discuss the 70 or so intake calls we received in the last month regarding potential claims. We discuss the merits of each case and whether the firm should agree to represent the plaintiff(s).

10:15 AM: Draft discovery requests in a case involving promissory fraud regarding an executive's employment.

1:15 PM: Call some of the potential clients discussed in the morning "intake" meeting in order to get some more information and clarify questions we had about their specific situation.

1:45 PM: Call some of the potential clients to inform them that we would not be able to represent them.

2:30 PM: Hold consultation meeting with a potential client to review a severance agreement the potential client was about to enter into with his employer.

3:45 PM: Draft more discovery requests fora promissory fraud case.

5:20 PM: Research validity of an arbitration agreement in a California wage and hour class action.

6:30 PM: Head home.


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