What Did the Richest Person in Every Country Study in College? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Published: Jan 21, 2020

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There are two things every college students asks themselves when choosing a major: What's my passion, and what do job options look like for people with this major? But how much does your college degree really matter when it comes to future earnings? The general consensus is that STEM degrees are the most lucrative, as well as degrees in business, economics, and law. But sometimes other degrees can pave the way to wealth—and sometimes, you don't need a degree at all.

Resume.io performed an in-depth look at what the richest person in (almost) every country studied in undergrad, and the results range from business to the hard sciences to the humanities. Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon and richest person in the world, majored in electrical engineering and computer science. Meanwhile Li Ka-Shing, the richest man in China, possesses no undergraduate degree. And many millionaires and billionaires have degrees that fall somewhere in between. It just goes to show that, while certain degrees lend themselves to future wealth, the innovative and industrious mind can accomplish anything, regardless of what their major was. Did any of the world's richest people have the same college major as you? Check out these handy maps to find out!