This week we look at how to get a job at a tech giant, how to use social media wisely, and what jobs are most popular with new grads.

The 20 most popular jobs for college grads
Business Insider
Are you looking for the same jobs as your peers? Sales Associate tops the list as the most popular job for new grads. Business, Political Science, and English tend to be common majors for this role. Other popular job titles include research assistant, intern, administrative assistant, social media manager, data analyst and customer service representative. Read Article»

An interview-prep coach shares 5 tips for interviewing at tech companies
Business Insider
Want to work in tech? Come prepared. Tech companies want to make sure that you think outside the box and that you are passionate about tech, not just your specific role. Prepare to be tested for intelligence and industry knowledge. In addition to traditional questions, practice your pitch for your previous jobs, be prepared for behavior-based questions, be very knowledgeable about the company, and think about company-specific questions to ask back to your interviewer throughout. These companies are simply trying to find people who will be happy there for a long time, so they value fit and intellectual curiosity. Read Article»

I’m Facebook’s Head Of People—Here’s What We’re Hiring For Right Now (And Why)
Fast Company
What can you do to set yourself apart when you’re applying for a job at the tech giant? When evaluating a candidate, regardless of the role, Facebook hiring managers look for three key facts: 1: “Your strengths” – things you have done that you are demonstrably good at. 2: “The skills to build it yourself” – problems you’ve faced and the unique solutions you employed to overcome them. 3: “Comfort with learning the hard way” – times you’ve given it your all, came up short, but didn’t let it discourage you. Read Article»

Writing Your Résumé When Your Job Title Doesn’t Reflect Your Responsibilities
Harvard Business Review
The slightest tweak to your résumé can make all the difference. For every position you’re applying for, take the time to review the posting and list its five most important responsibilities. Use these to guide which accomplishments you list that demonstrate your success in those specific areas. If your current job title doesn’t accurately reflect your role, make use of your headline and summary (hint: don’t just title this as “Summary”) to help tell your story. Read Article»

Finding Advice Outside the Box
Firsthand Blog
Mentorship comes in all shapes and sizes. Southern Nazarene MBA student Yolonde Smith (’17) knew that, and she utilized SNU’s Alumni Career Network to learn about nonconventional networking tools from advisors of all walks of life. Read Article»

Your online image is more important than ever — here are 5 ways it can make or break you
Business Insider
Let’s face it, your social media account is your calling card. It is the primary point of reference for employers screening candidates. Companies also sometimes monitor employees after they’ve been hired, taking note of romantic interests and even divorces. Polishing your social media accounts does not mean posting every photo in your phone or taking a selfie an hour, as that has been proven to damage relationships. Instead, remember to consider how what you share will be perceived by others. Read Article»