Fail Big, and Bounce Forward

May 2, 2017

Firsthand Staff

This week we look at how interns got their first jobs, at how to overcome career setbacks, and at traits of successful people that require no talent to acquire.

Former Interns Tell How They Landed A First Job
New York Times
You’ve got to be an intern if you want to get ahead. Having an internship on your resumé has gone from being a symbol of being a go-getter or a luxury of the upper-middle class, to being a near requirement for any college graduate looking for a competitive job. 50% of internships turn into post-graduate jobs, so it is important to start interning early. Make sure to sell yourself as committed, hard-working, and excited; do research on the company before your internship interview even happens, and be patient and persistent if you know there is a company for which you’d like to intern. Read Article»

The Surprising Ways You Ruined Your Interview Before You Even Opened Your Mouth
Fast Company
Black isn’t just for funerals anymore. The next time you head to an interview, think about wearing black. Choosing your interview attire is only one of many ways you can leave a good first impression before even opening your mouth. Other factors include, but aren’t limited to, arriving 10-15 minutes early, and cleaning through your social media accounts. Read Article»

7 Traits Of Successful People That Require No Talent At All
Business Insider
No talent? No problem! The following traits are free, easy to implement, and can have a great impact on your personal and professional lives: Be virtuous; Give your best; Choose to be positive; Be determined; Be willing to learn; Always be willing to give more; and Take action. Read Article»

Develop Greater Persistence And Determination: 4 Ways To Overcome Career Setbacks
Tough times are inevitable. In your career, failure is a critical component on your path to success. How you bounce back from failure is what determines your success in the long term. Do this by scheduling time for self-reflection, being proactive with your time to help regain confidence, and leveraging your existing connections to make your next career move. Read Article»

How Office Culture Can Crush Women’s Ambitions
CEOs should be CEOs. What is happening in the workplace that seems to stifle female employees’ professional dreams? Rather than familial obligations, it seems that existing workplace diversity has more to do with the crushing at dreams. At companies where female employees felt that existing diversity problems were being addressed(and solved), the ambition gap seemed to disappear entirely. Read Article»

When You Get Fired or Fail Big, This is How You Bounce Forward
Don’t point fingers; start a conversation. Try taking a relational approach to your failures as opposed to a personal one. If you’ve been fired or fail at work, the natural reaction is to blame yourself or blame your boss, but this only prevents you from moving forward. Consider the relationship itself, whether it’s your relationship to others or to the work, job, or even the company. This will keep you motivated to improve and get you back on your feet. Read Article»

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