Finding a Meaningful Job

November 15, 2016

Firsthand Staff

This week we look at how you can find a meaningful job, get hired after 50, and talk about why you should never tell someone to relax.

5 Outdated Career Tips People Should Stop Following
Gone are the days when you can’t talk about your weekend. Challenging authority, interacting on social media, and asking for help are all acceptable. Read about why these tips can and should be moved aside.

11 Unusual Questions To Ask In An Interview To Distinguish Yourself From The Competition
Asking thoughtful questions may be the ticket to landing the job you want. Most hiring managers use these questions as a way to measure how much you’ve thought about the role and whether you’re a critical thinker or not.

13 Tips for Talking About Money in a Job Interview Without Making it Awkward
Talking about money in an interview can make you feel awkward, but you’re not working for your health! We were all raised to be delicate when discussing our salary wishes, but here are some great tips to figure out how to discuss your compensation so both parties are excited for you to come onboard.

How One Advisor Gave a Student the Confidence to Network His Way Into an International Bank
“It’s not about getting the job. It’s about getting the perspective on the job market.”This is what a Ryerson University MBA graduate learned after using the Ted Rogers MBA Career Advisor Platform to connect with a former A.T. Kearney analyst. The advisee gained the insights and confidence he needed to navigate the job market and network his way into a job at Scotiabank.

How They Got Hired After 50
Getting a job can be a lot harder if you’re over 50. These three older professionals landed their dream jobs, and have some specific tips for people who are still looking.

How to Find A Meaningful Job
Don’t lose out on the opportunity to set yourself apart! You may be qualified for the job, but if you ask the wrong kinds of questions, you lose an opportunity to distinguish yourself. 

Why Do So Many Women Who Study Engineering Leave the Field?
Women make up only 13% of the engineering workforce, making it one of the most male-dominated industries in the US. Women are entering these programs at a college level, but end up quitting at a higher rate than men. Why? Women are often given the secretarial jobs in group work. They also reported being treated differently by professors and colleagues. Women also reported not being given equal opportunities in internships.

Why You Should Never Tell Someone to Relax
Don’t tell me to relax. People handle their stress in different ways. If there’s one thing most of them can agree on, though, it’s that being told to “calm down” doesn’t help. In fact, “relaxing on command is physiologically impossible if ‘the body is already too acutely stressed to turn it around.’” Try expressing empathy and asking open-ended questions – it may help people open up, allowing them to relax more naturally.

Start Networking with People Outside Your Industry
Avoid groupthink, and get outside of your bubble. We spend so long talking about our careers with people who work in similar jobs, and for the most part, that is helpful. But, we can’t discount a fresh perspective. Find out more about what we can glean from networking with people who work outside of our professional world.

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